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Personal Support Consultation

Connection. Integration. Hope. Whether one is looking for a listener or for some fresh perspective, we all need someone on our side as we navigate the complexities of life. I have extensive experience in the mental health field and formal education in spirituality and authentic community formation. Along with this I have a diverse background of many roles and experiences of my own to draw upon in service to your evolving personal life story.

With experience as a mental health professional in my past, multiple therapist associates of mine have told me I have "the gift" in terms of a counselor type of presence and communicator. For me developing a sense of trust and empathizing with the experience of another person is paramount, while at the same time encouraging them forward.

I can support you as you navigate challenge and crisis and pursue meaning in your life. Let me join your network as personal consultant and confidant.

I offer both telephonic and in-person appointments. Call 541 556 7682.

What is a Support Consultation like? 

A Support Consultation is a co-created encounter where we build personal rapport, exchange stories in service to your evolving life challenges, and hold an intention that our time be in service to wholeness, healing and a sense of abundance.  This might mean that I do a lot of listening to you. Or it might mean that you're interested in some tools I know about that might help you with a particular challenge. Or it might mean that we celebrate together a small victory that you have in your life. A session might include elements of all of the above, or it might be a time where I mostly give you empathetic presence during a difficult time in your life. Each session we check in with each other and let the process unfold.

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Computer Support

Need help with a computer problem? Since 2012 I have supported dozens and dozens of folks of diverse backgrounds including seniors and small businesses.

My experience?  I was the guy people would ask in the offices where I used to work, to help fix their technical issues. Eventually I realized I have the patience to offer what I know in a careful, patient, respectful and personable way that is fairly unique.

I'm not just a computer geek -- I'm a bit of a renaissance man that is pretty good with computers and is also pretty good at putting people at ease.  I can probably solve your technical issue or at least identify the next steps to resolve it. My moto is to leave your technical situation in better shape than I found it if I possibly can.

Common things I help with:

  • New Computer Setup
  • Helping make things "easier" for you (visual interface, sizing, printing, etc)
  • Virus scanning and protection
  • Automatic backups
  • PCs, cell phones, tablets, apple devices, printer troubleshooting 
  • Home and small business networking
  • Getting the most out of your smart TV

I offer in home or in office appointments. Call 541 556 7682 

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About Me

As a child my earliest passion was creative play with Lego toys. Later I become consumed by music and skilled as a pianist, eventually going to music school and securing a degree in music composition. As a young adult I apprenticed with an architect as a draftsman. I have always been a spiritual "seeker" in pursuit of meaning and personal growth. At 30 I secured a Master's degree in spirituality, with a concentration in documentary film (yes, I've produced a few short video pieces as well). I discovered an effective capacity for helping people with computer problems almost by accident.

My interests have led me to work within various fields: as higher education administrator in multiple adult education institutions, as self employed consultant and product creator, as designer and home remodeler and as a mental health worker. 

I always have many active ideas, projects and interests I am exploring, but perhaps the most important aspect of my life is personal relationships. As a father and partner, a friend and collegue, I often find the most meaning in life from being in authentic connection with others. For me this means learning about another person's life story, what they face now, how I might learn from them -- and how I might serve them at the same time with my heart and spirit.

My Experience

Perhaps my experience can help you with your goals. There are a number of accomplishments that I'm proud of my life - some hard won at a heavy price. I am not likely to "toot my horn" about them in person unless you ask. I include them here so you can have a flavor of the kind of life I have lived. There is a story behind each one. Here is a sampling:

  • made mechanical models with legos as a child
  • started piano lessons at 14 (very late), but still managed to make it into college music school at age 21
  • composed and conducted original orchestral music as a young adult
  • broke free of a cult-like religious experience
  • studied dreams in groups for two years with reknowned dream worker Jeremy Taylor
  • completed construction drawings for dozens of homes and buildings that were built
  • produced multiple short documentary video pieces
  • watched my first long term relationship go down in flames
  • raised over $4 million as an officer of a small non-profit organization
  • navigated challenging interpersonal and political intrigue while in the fund-raising role - quite difficult at times
  • secured approximately 60 acres of distinct geographical land from a developer to be set aside as open space for generations to come instead of being turned into a bunch of houses
  • faced a mysterious health crisis that might have killed me if left untreated
  • owned my first home without a mortgage at age 34 and subsequently grew my personal wealth through later real estate purchases and sales
  • had a small business fall into my lap that requires almost no overhead/investment and offers me happy and appreciative clientelle who provide word-of-mouth promotion
  • got involved with Bitcoin and Ethereum, but sold my holdings too soon, before it really got big
  • made a trip to New Zealand on my own
  • purchased a cargo van and converted it for "van life" vacations
  • beach side dates lasting over the period of many months as I came to know the woman who I would eventually have a child with
  • have the sweetest boy as a son (ongoing!)  I am so proud of him and how well he is doing in life...

How did I do this stuff (or fail as happened a few times)? I'd be happy to share. And I'd be interested in learning about challenges you've met and what your life adventures have taught you...

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